Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Reason #369 of why Rolex is so much fun

Well, there's the shopping, but while at the trade fair I met Heather, BTB reader and (apparently) shopper extraordinaire. I think we must have been neck and neck in shopping prowess that weekend. It should be noted that there were some wonderful sales, especially in an "Equestrian Clearance" booth which had Kyra K, Anky, Cavallo, and other European brands for $30 (jackets) and $12 (shirts). That place was a mob scene.

 My loot, which is about twice what I came home with last year, includes:  

  • Brown leather halter with fake snakeskin padding (the Harvster)
  • Herbal supplement (Riley)
  • Unnecessary but gorgeous gunmetal grey Kerrits jacket (fall preorder)
  • Dansko clogs to replace old-as-the-hills sport clogs with torn heel
  • Rubber paddock boots
Bob purchased aloe cream from one of the non-horsey booths, and we both donated to several thoroughbred retraining organizations and the Kentucky State Police Patrol summer camp program.


  1. Hi, Heather! I've certainly seen your name in the comments. :-) I hope I will be able to join you two in Lex next year, though I won't be able to keep up in the shopping department (although $12 shirts... wowsers). I've gotta ask -is that Stacey's Newmarket jacket you're wearing, or did you already have one? That would have been very convenient, LOL!

    1. HAHAHA, she bought it the first day she was there!

  2. Hey there!! Nope...that was my NEW NewMarket Horsewares jacket that I snagged Thursday morning in the Bit of Britain tent for $25 (retail $70). I got some incredible deals and fabulous finds!! I think the best deal was the Paul Shockemohle leather contour girth for $19.95 and the Anky breeches for $22.95 (retail $349). It was a BLAST!


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