Sunday, May 20, 2012

"String of poloponies" -- that great line from The Honeymooners

This is one of my dad's favorite shows. When I was little he worked second shift for a building manufacturer, National Homes, during the summer. He was a science teacher the rest of the year. At about 11pm, mom would go to pick him up, with us in tow, and when we got home we'd all watch The Honeymooners before bed. I remember this episode as one we all especially enjoyed.

At another level, polo is an intriguing sport that not many people have direct experience with -- including me. I'd never want to try it (too dangerous!) but I'd love to know more about how it works, and how these amazing horses are trained. Here is a brief intro from Equestrian Life...


  1. I played indoor polo my freshman year of college.
    I have to tell you, doing a roll-back against a wall is pretty crazy! Prior to that, I had never ridden in an english saddle and my riding experience mainly consisted of a couple summers of 4-h camp (read: poorly supervised trail riding).

    It was really fun but I never quite got the hang of the mallet. The ponies were super responsive and I could tell they were frustrated when I missed the ball :) I'm glad to have had the experience... None of my other barn pals have played polo so I feel like I had a pretty special experience, even if I was terrible at it!

  2. Years ago, my riding instructor told a story of a literature professor who was trying to make a point about language. He had a list of words and asked someone in the class to read them aloud. It went something like this: "Diogenes, Euripides, Pericles, Aristophanes, Poloponies."

    My trainer volunteered, and read the list correctly, with the "polo ponies" pronounces as horses. The professor's entire point was destroyed as he had expected her to fall into the Honeymooner's trap. But, she, a horsewoman, broke the mold.

    Don't know what happened to the class lecture after that but she surely did throw that professor a curve. *lol*

  3. LOVE Polo Ponies!! They have all heart! I house sat for 6 of them. A friend & I played w/ the owners one afternoon in her indoor!! All you have to do is sit there, they know their job!! but yes they have BRAKES!! I also had the privilege of help condition them that year, I didin't do the ring work, but did ride them out in the fields, walk, trot & canter up and down hills, etc. The saddle is REALLY something to get used to, so flat!! Lots of gear for sure!! Miss then since they moved to Canada!!

  4. It definitely is not too dangerous! If you know how to ride (really know how to ride), then low goal polo is so much fun and a great sense of teamwork with your own team and your horse. Consider signing up for a United States Polo Association (USPA) intro class!

  5. I used to play polo, it was super fun! I would say jumping and especially XC are much more dangerous


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