Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Murphy's Law of video and photo: Catch the error on film!

Okay, now I'll give you a rundown on the second test of the day. On Training 2 we got a 71% -- but it was far from perfect. Despite having a good first test, my mood was indignant. Bob, after all, had missed my T1 ride, and failed to videotape the first ride I'd actually be PROUD to post to the Interweb. As it happens he appeared just as I was going into the ring for my second test. When I saw him, though, he was walking AWAY from us toward the barn (Whhaaat?). Shows bring out the diva in me, and frankly I was steamed! Where was my HUSBAND???? My VIDEOGRAPHER???? After the bell rang, I actually yelled out to him as he walked away. He didn't hear.

Buzz Kill.
Test 1, the ride of my life :-) was not caught on film. The adrenaline from Test 1 was gone, and the theme from Rocky was no longer playing in my head. I was distracted and bothered.  Riley, ever the good soul, was being good, but he had lost some of the "spark" of the first ride. He was now noticing the bugs, and started to kick and fuss, ears airplaning out to the side. As we headed for the center line I realized that after my right turn and the trot circle, I was fuzzy on what to do next. All of these excuses aside, we had a decent Training 2 test.

After my free walk, Bob arrives on the scene
Bob  had overslept, and when he arrived, he parked the car where instructed (far, far away by the trailers). When I saw him walking away from the ring, he was heading for the barn to get the camcorder from my car. So that explains that. 

 There must be some Murphy's Law of video. With camcorder in hand at least, my hero husband arrived with camcorder just in time to film the biggest mistake of the day. I goofed up our right trot circle, which turned out to be a mostly-canter circle :-). Here is our T2 test starting at the free walk. 

Why did we canter? 
No, I didn't think I was supposed to canter there. A couple of possible reasons...
  1. Riley likes to fall out to the right on our counter-clockwise circle, and I guess I was overdoing the outside aids.
  2. This test was a little pokey compared to the last one, and Ri was not as soft in the bridle. I was trying to gun the motor a bit and get him working more over his back.
  3. I had perhaps overschooled the canter departs that day. I was afraid he wouldn't nail get a canter at all...
We got a 4 on the  circle, and we earned it. Overall Ri was not as steady in the bridle in this test, esp toward the end. Other scores: We got 9s on our left circle and our first diagonal trot line; an 8 on our stretchy walk and a 7 on the stretchy trot; Ri got an 8 on his gaits and a 7 on impulsion. We got 5s on both centerline to halts.   I got 8s on my position, 7s on harmony and aids. 

Boy, what a whiny post! I don't mean for it to be -- I'm so lucky to have Ri, and he makes my job easy. While I can't quite give Bob a free pass, he has been very good about supporting my horse activities.  All things considered, it was a fine day.


  1. I think you and Riley look fabulous - and I love Bob clapping at the end of the video. I have a diva streak too so I know what that's like - but stop and count your blessings - great horse, great husband, a beautiful position, the means to get out and show, not to mention clinic and learn/progress. Thanks for sharing this - I love seeing Riley out and about after your/his ordeal with the hoof!!

  2. Your contact is consistant and Riley looks put together well, moving so nicely. Be proud of your progress! I would be bummed also is my hubby missed my tests - just human nature.

  3. Both you and Riley look really good. I like how relaxed and forward he is--it does not look at all forced. The mistake? That's why it's called a "test" after all. Could have been anything, but, as you noted, most likely an overcue of some sort on your part. He came back nicely and finished the circle well so neither one of you lost your cool.

    A 71% is nothing to be ashamed of! It's great. You two just need to get out there and get a few more shows under your belts. Experience together in the show arena is going to make it all just fall into place perfectly. Well done.

  4. I think you guys look great!

    The video thing is so Murphy's Law. In my very first show with my horse, a mini-event (just dressage and pseudo cross-country), my husband overslept and completely missed our dressage test. We got a 60, which is not fabulous but not bad considering it was her first show ever and we had just started practicing that test three weeks before. She was sweet and obedient. Instead, he got there in time to video her spooking at the judge popping up an umbrella, half-rear, spin and bolt off the jump course. Ah, the memories. :-)

  5. I like what Billie said. Count your blessings. ;)

    It could have been like one of my blundered tests. Horse sees group of horses leaving the area. Horse throws enormous buck that lands rider on grass. Horse then departs area in a hurry. Rider brushes herself off and looks furtively around to see if there were witnesses.

    Eh, so you cantered a little bit in the wrong place. ;)

  6. Lovely! Relaxed but energetic way of going. Remember to take in the fame at the end of your test. Can't wait to see the next show.

  7. Thank you for riding on the correct diagonals! There have been too many riders that I've seen in the Training level that ride the tests without even a care of the correct diagonal. That irks me to no end.


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