Friday, June 15, 2012

Tears in my eyes

Tina Konyot did a personal best just now at Gladstone. Over 80%! Got it on video -- tears in my eyes!


  1. I can't wait to see this ride! I'm amazed by the progress Calecto has made, and who could possibly help but cheer for a woman who so clearly absolutely adores her horse?! USEFnetwork is being a little slow about getting the ride up, but I'm so grateful that I know they will.

    I take this to mean you saw it in person - lucky you!

  2. I thought she might climb on his neck she was so ecstatic.

  3. Fabulous. Heard about the win, but didn't know the scores. This is exactly what the team needs--more superstars! These are the kinds of scores to win medals.

  4. I finally got to see it - I totally teared up! How great for her, and I loved her yell on the way out of the arena!


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