Wednesday, July 25, 2012

All decked out: Revisiting the TuffRider apparel giveaway

Do you all remmeber the TuffRider giveaway we did last March (2011)? The winner of the giveaway, Jennifer, just sent us a competition photo, apparel courtesy of TuffRider. FWIW, there is a trainer that comes to our LVDA shows and she always gets compliments on her breeches, which look smashing. They are TuffRider. No, this isn't an ad! No money is changing hands, I just think they make some nice stuff, and Jennifer looks great.

Thanks TuffRider!


  1. I was at that show with Jennifer and she looked great! My white show breeches are Tuffrider and I love them - very comfortable and wash up well.

  2. She looks especially great wearing that nice HELMET, I might add... :-)

    I know it simply may be required due to her age/kind of show, but I just have to toot the helmet horn when I see them in a dressage setting. Can't wait to find out if they'll be worn at the Olympics!

  3. And a pretty, pretty horse as well! Love the color.

  4. LOVE TuffRider! They are made well, flattering and fit!


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