Friday, July 20, 2012

Crimes against dressage

For all the showing many of us do, it's surprising we don't know the rules better. I recently asked an experienced competitor what the maximum whip length was for competition, and she didn't know. Of course I can hardly criticize, as I didn't know either, but I've been out of the game awhile. Here's a little quiz to help you see where your gaps are..

Test your dressage competition knowledge!


  1. Well, even those of us who show fairly often can be excused for being confused when rules change so often!

  2. I agree with Michelle, and I suspect this was made based on the rules last year, not this year. For example, they make it sound as if you can't use a snaffle for national classes at FEI levels...

  3. To be fair, some rules seem to change every other year, and if you go back and forth between eventing and dressage things can get even more confusing! I steward far more frequently than I compete, and I still have to be sure I keep a current copy of the rulebook on hand at shows!

  4. Got caught by a few of these but only because the equipment was something I've never considered using. Everytime I have made a tack change--for showing, anyhow--I've have checked with the rule book to see if it was legal. So, rather than memorize all the rules, I just read them when I'm about to try something new or different.

    The bits get really tricky. So many different options are out there now, you have to be really cautious.

    Great little quiz. Thanks.


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