Sunday, July 29, 2012

Fat and sleek this summer

Although Harv had a "fat sheath" this summer (now resolved), on the whole he looks great. Take a look at that tummy! He is fat and sleek and doesn't look 25 years old at ALL. He's moving well too. I worry a little about him when he gets up from rolling. He raises himself up on his front legs first, sits like a dog for a bit, and then hurls himself forward to get up. His hind legs must be too stiff for the old guy to use them to support his weight when rising.

In case you need a visual
Well, summer has treated Harv well, as you can see. He has to weigh 1200 lbs.

Getting up from rolling is the one time it doesn't pay to be a chunkster
Harv's fan base grows
Recently our barn hired two new workers, and they both started the same Friday, this last Friday. I had not met either of them, but while I was at the barn Monday they ran into one another.  I overheard them talking as I was in the tack room, out of eye and earshot. Most of the talk was typical barn girl banter. K---- and E---- were talking about caring for the horses, the idiosyncracies of each horse, their personalities, and... 

In a spontaneous moment of shared experience, they both said, nearly in unison,  "Harvey is my favorite!" I was dying to jump out of the tack room and say," That's my boy!"  When I did come out,   they had walked over to Harv to fuss over him.  Oh, the happy look on Harv's face!

It's nice to have independent confirmation of the Harvester's universal appeal.

Harv contemplates his popularity --that, and other weighty world matters.


  1. Aw, how nice to have a compliment for your sweet boy. He deserves it. He's one of those horses, you just have to love. And he does look great, weightwise. I love seeing older horses fat and sleek like that.

  2. That's a great story! I love happy stories about horses that are 25 and still doing well. I think that my horse would have the opposite tale - the two new hands would both confer that their least favorite horse was my least he's pretty though!

  3. Feels good to have your feelings about your horse validated by someone else. You knew he was special. Apparently, so does your new barn help :)

  4. Confirmation that Harvey is worth his weight in gold. He has one of those lovely horse faces that just draws you in. I would happily join his fan club.

  5. He sure does have a lovely face. I see it every day when I use your Post-It notes! :-)


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