Friday, July 27, 2012

Screamining Mimi! How would the judge note this?

This is a hoot. What a silly horse, and a thumbs up to the rider...


  1. LOL! I had a young mare do this to me at her first schooling show. I just laughed the whole time and since it was a h/j type show, when the judge came around to make comments we both just laughed about the vocalizations and, surprisingly we placed a few times - the judge said she placed us because it looked like we were having fun and I was giving the mare the best ride possible all things considered.

  2. Aw-w-w-w-w-w-w...too cute, but rather distracting. Probably why the rider went off course too.

    Actually, there were the basics of a good test going there. I don't know how the horse managed to nicker so much when it was on the bit, but he did. Pretty fellow and a nice mover.

    Wishing them both better, and quieter rides in the future. Wonder if the judge took off for "use of voice?" *S*

  3. The "talking" is a sign of greenness and I'm thinking the submission score would be marked down. I'm not a judge, but to me having "so much to say" would indicate the horse REALLY had other ideas of how to spend its day ;o)

  4. I had that happen to me! I had a reader for my test, but it was a good thing I knew it because he screamed so much after seeing his turn-out buddy on the way to the ring that I couldn't have heard her if I tried! Judge's comments were along the lines of "distracted and tense." Not sure if she was referring to my horse or me...;-)

  5. I was actually a little surprised to find out this was a gelding. Haha.

    If I were a judge here, in the effort to seem professional, I would make the suggestion that, perhaps, the horse needs to be taken to more shows to get used to it and learn to relax more. It is apparent the poor thing is suffering separation anxiety or just show nerves. But, the screaming usually accompanies buddy sour behavior.

    This person needs to do some at-home and at-show training to get the horse less buddy-sour, or there is only going to be more of this for them in the future. This gelding is obviously nowhere NEAR relaxed ... poor thing. And, poor rider ...

    I actually personally know another gelding that does this. And, it is soooo aggravating for the rider. The ribs expand with the vocalizing and make sitting a little wobbly, at best. She always chides her horse and says he's "acting like such a GIRL." Ha.

  6. That's so funny! At first I thought, well maybe something pinching or something, but he's not swishing his tail like he's irritated or anything, he's going about his business, while hollering, serious multi tasking right there. The rider did a terrific job just keeping him on track.


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