Monday, July 2, 2012

Training 2, Tuesday June 26

The video below is from a Tuesday Evening Dressage show series at the Bucks County Horse Park, under judge Ruth Monroe. It was Ri's first time at an "away" show this year, and my second time riding him at an away show, and I didn't have any helper. I was nervous, and Riley was very distracted in the warmup. It must have been Haflinger night because there were a tone of little adorable Haflingers and their young riders in the ring with us. There is a Haflinger Farm near us. Ri was much more interested in them than me. That said, he was a very good boy in the ring. We got a 70ish percent in this test, which was kind of a gift.


  1. OK could they water the ring for you?! Ugh, you two look lovely

  2. I hate a dusty arena, but watching it with you both on video, I can almost imagine its special effects. :o) You looked great. :o)

  3. Lovely test! I think that's the most forward and active video I've seen of you and Riley. Congratulations. He's such a lovely moving horse and I can't wait to see that 'mini-lengthen' turn into a proper medium trot. You can just see it there waiting to be unleashed.

  4. Like a little ride with your dust? ;o)

    I bet the judge was spitting agates by the end of the show.

    Your position is lovely and Mr. Ri looked all business. Keep up the good work and I don't think the 70-ish percent was a gift at all. You had some very nice moments.

  5. Nice test. The video is showing up too big for the width of your blog on my browser, but I could see almost all of it.

    Riley looks really nice and forward. There is a nice rhythm to the test and his free walk is really lovely. Hope you got a really good score on that!

    That dust is pretty dreadful.

  6. Lol, I was thinking the same thing about them watering the arena. You both looked very nice and bonus points that Ri worked through loads of sand in his face (you too, for that matter!). I like how he seems to really try for you.


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