Saturday, August 11, 2012

Horse shopping? You CAN find a great one on sale!

Here's the new guy!
There are so many AWFUL stories out there about horse shopping - dishonesty, unmet expectations, rudeness, misrepresentation. HOW NICE to have witnessed a super experience! My friend H---- is the proud owner of an imported Oldenburg by Roadster (Rhodiamant) out of a Weltmeyer line mare. She bought him from a breeder in Maryland. The breeder showed concern for finding the horse a great home, and he gave my friend first right of refusal when several people were coming to look at the horse one weekend. Why? Because he liked her riding and her demeanor. He arranged for her to ride the horse in an off-the-property ring to test how the horse reacted to unfamiliar surroundings. He gave her time. And when he brought to her property, H--- said it was very clear that he was fond of this horse and sad about selling him.

This lovely chestnut has some of the same bloodlines as Ri and the telltale Rubenstein head. He was so reasonably priced I wondered if something might be amiss -- but he passed an exhaustive vet check with no issues. I saw him last night and his gaits are awesome.

I'm so pleased for my friend -- she got a great horse at a reasonable price -- and happy to see someone have a really good buying experience.  I'm glad to know of a breeder that cares for his animals and took pains to find him not just any buyer, but a good home.


  1. How nice to hear a good horse sale story. Too often things don't go so well.

    He looks like a really lovely boy. Please give your friend a ton of good wishes from me!

  2. Bought my 1st horse almost 2 yrs ago. Wanted, young-ish (but not too young), sane, no mtce issues, not too tall/not too short (warmblood pref) gelding for 5000 CAD. Found a 9 y/o 15.2 black with little socks and a little blaze Hano/TB (Cdn Warmblood) gelding for 5500 CAD. Amazing experience, fantastic horse. Love his old owner and her business. I understand It's not always so easy....

  3. It's great to hear stories like this. I find people are so sceptical these days they have a hard time believing a breeder/owner is not just looking for a big pay cheque!


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