Thursday, August 9, 2012

Not about me :-)

Finally, a photo of someone else!

This is a photo taken at a local schooling show last weekend, of a horse  that I think is just stunning. I love the classical dressage horse profile (you can probably guess this horse's breeding) and the energy and joy that I see in horse and rider. And the sunlight on the tail, and...

This photo makes me think of what dressage is supposed to be--not the ability to demonstrate control over an animal (to "make him do things") but sharing an experience with the horse, and the process of going back to nature and recapturing the horse's natural movement. Felicitas VN said in a clinic that horses love to express themselves with their bodies. I have always felt this is true, every time I see Harv running around the pasture...


  1. Definitely far more attractive than the submissive eyes to the ground posture that we see in most dressage horses these days.

  2. LOVE IT!!! Has to be a Lipizzaner, right? Just gorgeous.. and yes, it is easy to see the joy and harmony between horse and rider. I am very glad you posted this, and completely agree with you about what dressage is "supposed to be."

  3. Love it when a horse is allowed, by the rider, to express itself. Nice and forward with a certain joyous energy.

  4. I love this! I used to do clinics at a stable with a Lippizaner stud. I loved seeing all the participants riding Spanish horses. Those horses loved to do their job. Thanks for the lovely picture.

  5. Gorgeous picture and spot on sentiments!


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