Sunday, August 5, 2012

Photos: Because 'it's all about me!'


  1. Always enjoy photos of you and Riley. You two look great!

  2. First photo: You need to square your shoulders. Interesting, because Riley is more on the bridle in that one.

    Second photo: Much better! This one's a keeper. Good seat, good leg. You could, perhaps, put your thumbs up a bit more, but nice.

    Third photo: Much harder to tell about you. Riley looks to have fallen on his inside shoulder a little, so I suspect you need to ride that turn a bit more off the outside rein. Your outside arm is straighter, suggesting it's "giving" a little too much and needs to me more supportive. But I am being picky...(hey, you asked. *G*) Other than that, excellent leg, nice seat and good "looking" where you are going. Your seat may have dropped back just a little but from the angle, it's a little hard to tell.

    Lovely pictures. I take it these are from the show. No wonder you scored so well.


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