Thursday, August 2, 2012

What do my Macbook Air and Steve Jobs have in common?

Together again?
Both have crossed the rainbow bridge, it seems. My slender weightless friend, oft referred to as Mein liebchen  or Mon petit chou, was purchased as a refurb from Apple. Tucked into a backpack, he accompanied me on many Rolex trips and was a permanent fixture on the household coffee table (adjacent to the couch, of course). I blogged, I video'ed, I skyped, I emailed, and this little guy saw it all.

I have taken him into work where he sits in the equivalent of the repair ICU, waiting for the certified Apple repair person to return from vacation. I fear this is a one way trip.

My little laptop could still pull through, but I'm preparing myself for a goodbye. The emotional toll is only part of it. There is the question of  (gulp) the replacement, too.  No time to mourn, must get finances in order. Should I splurge for a new Macbook? Settle for the equally functional and infinitely cheaper Windows-OS and hardware?

Pray for us. ;-)


  1. I recently purchased an UltraBook from Acer. I absolutely love it! Speedy but super light. I couldn't ever convince myself to spend macbook air money, but always wanted that kind of weight. I went with a netbook until I ran it into the ground, but the increased capabilities of an ultrabook so far are fabulous!

    Good luck that you don't have to make any decisions yet, though! :)

  2. Poor you! I will hope your machine can be resuscitated. When the hard drive on my old laptop failed almost two years ago and it was the middle of term, I bought a netbook to tide me over. I'm still using it as my main machine, even though the laptop has been long-since repaired. When you find something that really works for you, best to keep in the groove.

  3. As I type from a desktop imac and visualize my 2007 MacBook going strong waiting for my return home on my desk, I say carry on with another Mac generation.

  4. Mac/Apple-free household here. My husband is a computer software specialist and prefers a PC with the free and open-source Linux-OS over anything else. We have Samsung phones, a Google tablet, and other such things. I am just lucky to have a computer-doctor on call 24/7.

    Best wishes for your digital buddy.

  5. Sending good vibes to little Mac. Perhaps there are miracles left.

  6. Ah yes, poor Apple, I remember him well.

  7. You get what you pay for. I went from Mac to Windows and back to Mac as soon as I could justify it in my budget. Never again will I cross over to the dark side.


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