Thursday, September 13, 2012

#5 of 7 Photo: Across the diagonal

Ri looks pretty good here, he looks lifted through the withers. Me? I've "folded like a cheap tent" as Bob would say. Knees up, heels up, hips collapsed, wrists limp. I'm won't be sending this shot to Dressage Today...


  1. But you are lucky that you KNOW what you are doing and what you aren't. My girls and I aren't quite there yet in picking "mistakes" out. Either way, you two look wonderful together.

  2. Don't beat yourself up too much...just a little tweak here and there is all you need.

    Riley doesn't need much tweaking, though. He still looks great!

  3. Agreed - great that you can identify faults which is a strength!

  4. This one may not be picture perfect, but your core strength is obviously improving. Like you, I'm a tall person with a wobbly core, so I really notice it in other riders, and the difference between your recent photos and older ones shows you are really improving and look stronger.


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