Monday, September 24, 2012

Boot up!

Lunged him in this...
Third shoe gone AWOL in four weeks.  This time the farrier is out of town and b/c it's a front foot, I decided to use my new CavalloTM sneaker boots. I lunged him yesterday and he went really well in it. I turned him loose in the ring and let him rip around just a little, and it stayed on. When I pulled off, I feared the "bloody stump" but aside from a little roughed up hair around the heel bulb he was fine.

Rode him in this...
Today, Sunday I put on an old pair of the stretchy hose-like socks (they had runs in them from being accidentally washed with velcro gloves. Put'em on and I rode. I mean, I rode, as if it were a lesson. I pulled off the boot afterwards and felt for any signs of rubs. Nothing really obvious, maybe one spot that happened to be under a run in the hose. Tomorrow I'll try with some sheepskin and see how it goes. But so far, so good!


  1. Love the fit of the Cavellos, but I did get some chafes in the area of the heel bulb. Not sure it's the same place. I did buy some gaitors to use with them since then but I haven't had to use a boot after I bought them. The hose sounds like a great idea.


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