Saturday, September 8, 2012

Courageous Comet: Wishing you a happy retirement

Courageous Comet is retiring after the American Eventing Championships this week. Comet is a versatile, athletic thoroughbred that has been at the top of the sport for years.  He was a reasonably successful racehorse and in three seasons he won more than 70K.  He has competed with his rider Becky Holder at Rolex at least 2-3 times, placing in the top ten but never winning. Always, always, something kept Becky and Comet from that crowning achievement. To me, it doesn't matter -- it feels like a privilege to watch this amazing horse in the three phases. His dressage is spectacular, his cross country showcases his tremendous agility and careful style -- and in show jumping, he seems to leave from any spot to create a lovely jump that is fluid and heavy on the knee action. From a spectator point of view he is a joy to watch.

But I'm so glad he is retiring. He's not any spring chicken, and I think he required some maintenance and management due to wear and tear.  He may win the championships, and I hope he does, but mostly I want him to enjoy a wonderful retirement. I'm sharing this footage of his dressage at WEG 2010. I think it shows him at or near his best:

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