Thursday, September 27, 2012

Devon Moment, Tuesday Sept. 25

Knabstrupper in action
To my delight, there were Knabstruppers at the Devon breed show this year.  I videotaped a weanling then dashed off a text message to my friend who was at work that day.

"There are knabstruppers at devon this year" -- I spoke this into my Droid and quickly sent the message.

My friend responded with: ???????WHAT????

I checked my message. The message that I sent was, "There are nasty strippers at Devon this year."

 I've been pleasantly surprised at how good my voice recognition software is -- it recognizes farrier and dressage. But this time I must have bumped against the limits of its vocabulary...


  1. I love spotty horses! How pretty! That is an awesome and hilarious mixup on the text message!

  2. Dang that autocorrect!! I was trying to wish a friend happy birthday today, & it didn't recognize her name, so it changed it to Aids...
    I almost sent Happy Birthday, Aids!

    I'm SOO glad I read it before I posted!! lol!

    Nasty strippers is HILAROUS, btw!!

    Jamie :)

  3. Ah, autocorrect!

    Lovely Knabstrupper, there. Now that's a horse of a different colour. Pretty markings and gorgeous movement!

  4. Hahahaha! That's awesome. And the little Knabstrupper is adorable.

    I am fanatic proofreader, so my iPhone hasn't caught me out badly yet, but I also just got Siri... we'll have to see what happens with her "helpfulness!"

    Ever looked at the website "Damn You Autocorrect?" Grab the tissues because my eyes invariably start streaming with laughter...

  5. Heaven knows what it would have written if you'd typed it in and auto spelling correct had gotten hold of it. I certainly do think the voice recognition error is a lot funnier. I can only imagine--in my wildest dreams--what your friend thought when she got that message. *LOL*

  6. That is one for the website- Damn you autospell!

  7. Lol!! I've done that, changing a very innocent reference to another parent about "Clovers" 4-H club being changed to "Lovers" 4-H club.

  8. OMG ROTFL! Love it - the text and the spotty horses as well ;)


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