Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Joules polo: More matchy matchy

As a followup to my post on the Joules clothing line I thought I would share the human-oriented apparel -- a polo shirt, and my own collared and buttoned version of Riley's turnout sheet. I have worn this in a lesson, but usually I wear it to work. I love the tailoring and the side vents which have a velour details. If I had to pick what makes the Joules polos unique, the single thing that makes me love them is the velour touches on Joules stuff, in the form of piping and accents. Second is the rich, jewel-tone colors.  Their clothes are comfortable, sport-ready, and the quality is exceptional -- over many washings it holds its shape and color. I never iron it. Yes, you can get shirts from Target, and I have some, but they don't hold up over washings and they get all stretched out. They lose their "body" over time and after a season they're basically shirts for barn work.



  1. I thought that shirt looked familiar! Don't know who looks better in the or Riley. *G*

    Always nice to know about quality clothes that last. Thanks for the info.

  2. I own that polo shirt (and a few more!), and I whole-heartedly agree with what you say about the quality of Joules clothing, it's worth every penny!


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