Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Self Help II: All things be ready

"All things be ready if our minds be so..."
Well, we've talked about the power of the mind, and what it can do. Sometimes that knowledge is quite enough, but sometimes we need a little "one for the Gipper" talk -- preferably something Shakespearean.

I'm not a Rocky Sylvester Stallone type -- never saw the movie, can't say the clips I've seen left much of an impression. Give me a good Henry V "we happy few" speech, throw in a little Kenneth Branaugh circa 1989 for eye candy, and yes, I'll tackle a few French guys. In battle, I mean.

 Remember the video "Inches"?
I've already blogged it--the speech from the movie Any Given Sunday applied to eventing--but here it is again...

Now, back in the dressage ring
So... I've got a few mind tricks up my sleeve that I think as I go into the ring. With Harvey, I used to think to myself: "I've already won. I know I have the best horse here."

For this season I thought about conjuring up the image of Bill Murray from my first post, but it didn't work for me -- too much humor, not enough motivation.

Here's my 2012 mental motivator. It works for me, because while at one level I try to BELIEVE it, at another level it makes me smile.  I go into the ring, and I silently say to the judge, "Lady, this is the ride you've been waiting for all day!"

If it doesn't happen? Well, that's where the Bill Murray picture comes in! (see part I of the self help series)!


  1. ...Al Pacino - I finally figured out that voice. This is beautiful! Just Wow. I might reblog this at my blog one day (I'll give you credit) You post such fun stuff.

    And Henry V with Branaugh ... my daughter and I are watching for a 7th grade homework assignment this weekend!

  2. I love Renaissance Man with Danny DeVito where the soldier with glasses recites the "we happy few" speech after a cold, wet night maneuver. One of my favorite movie scenes.


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