Monday, October 22, 2012

Be Smart (and Be Rich)

Yikes -- already the original video is marked as private. Here is more eye candy, and interesting in that we get to see a lovely foal at that optimal age and also as a yearling. Even as a geeky yearling, she is lovely isn't she?

Now marked as private -- no longer available. Here's one I wouldn't mind having in my barn... The walk is not so impressive, and the canter is not shown. I'm curious!


  1. I suspect the walk will be better in a different situation... He appeared tight in the back, but not naturally so - more from environment. The second walk picture looked a bit rushed but at the same time the walk looked a bit improved.
    I definitely was impressed by the trot! I really hate that canters are so rarely shown in videos, though. I watched a horse at a clinic this weekend who had a lovely walk and trot, and just a horrible canter. The hind hooves landed nearly together at the canter - and this horse would have been raved about as worth quite a lot from a walk/trot video, and in fact probably sold for quite a bit!

  2. This video is now listed as private?

  3. I was able to see the Billy Jean video. Cutie pie!

  4. I think it would be odd that a video of a horse for sale would be marked private!


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