Friday, October 5, 2012

Suzanne Hassler and Baroncelli: Dressage at Devon 2012

Gorgeous gaits, lovely rider, neat freestyle, and generally looking fabulous. Only thing to quibble over was a certain earth-bound quality to the piaffe passage work tonight. But potential for wonderfulness is clear.

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  1. Indeed, a lovely horse. He has been doing Grand Prix for a few years but you are right, the piaffe was a little erratic. But again, at that level, I just ignore most of the technical errors like that and chalk it up to a horse just being a horse on a specific day.

    I liked how the latter portion of the ride used the music so well and how well selected the music was. The same piece seemed to change its rhythm patterns well enough to accommodate all three gaits with the strings alternating between a pulsing beat for the trot work and a legato feel for walk and the final line of tempis. Cool. It's nice when that happens so different musical selections don't need to be pieced together for a ride.


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