Friday, November 16, 2012

Mirror mirror: Mares and mirrors

I have noticed something interesting about mares, and forgive me if it's a bit of a gender stereotype. Have you ever noticed that they are more mindful of mirrors? I don't mean spooky, I mean... Well... Vanity? Self-regard?  Maybe just self-awareness?

I've seen mares on the loose take time from their wild running-around to stop and "check their look" in the arena mirror. Here is a mare that is transfixed by that gorgeous new herdmate she sees -- and then doesn't see. It's not the fastest-paced funny video, but I love watching her try to figure this mystery out. You can just see her wheels turning...


  1. The Haflinger stallion I ride LOVES mirrors, too - he puffs up and tries to talk to the good-looking horse. I think he likes seeing that such a gorgeous horse is with him in the arena, wanting to get to know him...

  2. I was in process of being bucked off by a young mare once when she threw her head up and SLAMMED on the brakes!

    Yep, to see herself in the mirror.

    I crawled back into the saddle and finished the ride. Girls!

  3. The first time Ozzy saw himself in a reflection, I swear he PREENED.

  4. My gelding takes every chance he gets to stare at himself; our arena is connected to the pasture, and if the gate is accidentally left open into the arena, I can count on finding Draumur in with the mirror. Sometimes I wonder if he just thinks that's the only horse worthy of his friendship... He's trying to hang out with the best-looking horse in the herd. :)

  5. My OTTB also loves his "handsome chestnut friend" who has a "box of rocks rider" just like HE has to put up with. He has never shied from mirrors at the end of the court and has taught his share of youngsters that the image in the mirror "way down there by C" is nothing to fear. I took a lesson at a court with mirrors also at B and E. He puffs up when he comes up to the mirrors there as well, to impress that "other fellow." Very fun to ride that puffed pony.


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