Tuesday, December 25, 2012

2012 Christmas scenes (from my world) Part 1

Bob and I had no particular plans for Christmas. When you don't have plans, you can make the case that there is no need to get gussied up. Here at the Kimmel estate, we take this to heart. I snapped this shot of Bob, taken about ten minutes after we got up, and before he stepped out into the morning to enjoy his first cigarette of the day. After snapping this, I noticed that this random shot captured four of our multitude of cat toys. Really, aim a camera anywhere on the first floor of our home and you'll capture at least 3-4 cat toys. I've identified them here...

  1. Cat toy #1 is a little ball on a base (the cats like to grab the base and disembowel it. They ignore the ball.
  2. Cat toy #2 is a "hide the treat" toy with slidable pieces that you hide treats under.
  3. Cat toy #3 is the best of the bunch, a ball that is housed on a circular track around the perimeter of a cork base. 
  4. Cat toy #4 is a box. Bob cut windows in the sides so that cats can hunt each other, hide, and bat back and forth from the windows. 
Our house is dry, and we have a humidifier in almost every room -- not for us (although it helps Bob's psoriasis) but so that we don't shock the cats when we pet them...


  1. Uhm, are you sure you didn't take this picture in my house? I have the mouse in the track thingie, a cat tunnel, paper bags, ---took the boxes out before Christmas this time--and innumerable small objects--mice, balls, furry things, and one nifty damaged riding whip with a string attached and a dangly toy at the end.

    So what do my cats/kittens play with? My long coat on the back of a kitchen chair--great pouncing cave, and the poor little Christmas tree with lights that now no longer work...they have been "kittened" to death!

    Merry Christmas. *G*

  2. This would make a great holiday card!

    Cohabitating with animals is so amusing, especially when you take a step back.

  3. Jean, the riding whip is the ultimate cat toy, isn't it?


    1. They work much better than the string on a stick toys you buy because of the extra "sproing!"

  4. When I had cats, it was OBVIOUS the house was theirs and I was just permitted to live there because I did serve a useful purpose: I could open cans and scoop poop. Otherwise, I was just someone that had to be tolerated. Your house looks the same way.

    What a good sport Bob is ;o)

  5. I love the diagram you have made to illustrate your point. Well this is slightly refreshing that we are talking about something besides horses!

  6. You are a very nice pet momma. I just apologize when I touch my poor doggie's wet nose and "ZZZZAAAPPPP!" :-) I do wet her brush before attacking her with that, though. Static is such a pain in the winter...

    We have half-disemboweled dog toys all over our floor and if she really gets going, snow-like piles of interior filling. This is aside from the tumbleweeds of dog hair, of course. Good thing I think she's worth it!

    P.S. How are the cats getting along these days?


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