Sunday, December 16, 2012

Christmas cards for horse lovers has some great stuff designed by amateurs and pros alike--the product quality is suprisingly consistent given that Zazzle consists of many individuals with their own storefronts. There are some talented folks out there. Too late this year (for me), but for next year I may pick from some wonderful horse designs, these customizable Snowflake Horse Holiday greeting cards . The smaller style is pretty affordable considering you can add your own text and greeting.There are many reviews of this seller and s/he got five stars from most of them. So quality-wise it's a safe bet. Go for it!

Another lovely design is this Dressage Warmblood card at a similar price point.

Oooh! And this one, Noble Face (possibly my fave)...

Between $37 and $41 for 20 cards.


  1. Those are nice! Lots of great cards to choose from. Maybe I'll not be so lazy and send some out next year.

  2. ohhh i love the first one wish id seen that before i sent all mine i'll have to remember it for next year

  3. Wow. It took me forever to see the horse head in Noble Face. I personally like Dressage Warmblood the best!


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