Thursday, December 13, 2012

Lovesick Harv

Harv and his three-year-old love.
Most of you know that Harv colicked recently. The weather may have been a factor, I suppose (extremes of hot and cold), but aside from that there is nothing to explain his digestive upset. Nothing except...

Harv has Met Someone.  And he is  Totally Gaga. Crazy in Love.

New barn, new friends
Harv was initially turned out with  noble 17.2H black gelding, George.  George is steady and quiet, and he he had a calming influence on My Thoroughbred Boy.  Harv had a great babysitter to keep him happy, but then...

A new mare came in for training. Harv has never been out with a mare (since I've owned him, at least), but he's 26 for heaven's sake. It seemed safe to introduce the mare into the same field as Harv and George.

Harv looks on anxiously while his love flirts with George.
It went well... Too well
The mare is a sweetheart of a three-year-old, and she tolerated the initial attention of both geldings as they sniffed and nuzzled. After the first few minutes, George just wasn't that into her.  Harv, though, was waaaay over the top.  He pranced, he strutted.  He followed her like a puppy, he circled her protectively, he pinned his ears at poor George. Workers found that if they did not bring Harv and the mare in as a pair, Harv was quite beside himself.

You may think I'm exaggerating, but  -- it's not my imagination! Others see it too. One of the barn workers told me "Harv's got it bad." I got a text from another one: "Harv has hearts in his eyes."

Harv had his tummy ache about a week the mare came -- probably in that timeframe that is the human equivalent of the first few dates, and before "couplehood" is achieved. Who doesn't get a stomach  ache during that awkward time in the relationship?

They are inseparable now. Let's hope this lasts, for everyone's sake.


  1. awwww the two of them just sound so cuteee :")

  2. Cute now, but it's not going to be fun when she leaves....

  3. Poor lovesick Harv. Perhaps his new girlfriend was a lover in another life.

    At least it proves you are never, never too old to find love.

  4. That is so adorable. Maybe his young sweetheart will keep him young at heart!

  5. Poor Harvey. Bre's pasture mate is gaga for her. From the first day he was a nut. We were able to turn them out day one with no drama. If I even try to take her down the road without him he goes crazy. Thank goodness I never take her away without him. I think he would seriously get sick. If I ever take her away I will have to take him with me just to keep him sane.


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