Thursday, December 20, 2012

Out of stock, and I'm out of luck

80 British pounds...
  Once again, the Brits have outdone us. Check out this great style of show shirt, so perfect for those of us who don't "tuck in." From Robinson's Equestrian, but it is currently out of stock (further attesting to its winning design). Cristina Sport is an Italian company, with moderately priced clothing (by equestrian standards) and a web site that is a little hard to navigate.

I hope that this style comes to the U.S. Actually I'd love it if a lot of the equestrian brands from the U.K. (and Europe) eventually come over here. There are some interesting choices on the U.K. Web sites...


  1. I agree with you on the style of this shirt as well as on the availability of UK and European items for us "statesiders"--especially the "reasonably priced" part. I found a darling show shirt with embroidery around the collar and down the front, perfect for days when jackets are waived but you'd like to look a little "put together" while "entering at A." Unfortunately in the case of the "darling show shirt," it was $120.00 US (available everywhere, of course). I hate finding things that fit and are flattering but that are "no longer available." SOMEONE with stitching talent (or contacts in the clothing industry) needs to get on the ball here. They'd have a happy clientele.

  2. PS--using the conversion tables, pounds to dollars, this shirt is about $130.00 US. Not exactly inexpensive, in my book.

  3. I live near robinsons equestrian and have got quite a few things from them and I love them, i love the design of this xxx

  4. I like it too...and it seems simple enough to make!


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