Sunday, December 30, 2012

Signature Gloves: Christmas Joy

This is not an ad--it's a brag, really, on my inspired choice of custom color  Signature Gloves. With any luck I'll be rocking these gloves with my navy OneK helmet and navy Pikeur jacket in 2013!

I sometimes prompt Bob for what I would like for Christmas. This year I informed him after the fact, and he was pretty happy about that. What did the uber-consumer horse girl ask for?

Signature Gloves
I got these great show gloves in white and grey-blue leather. They are comfy, fit beautifully, and a good value.

If you are like me--fond of color and style selection--go wild at their web site. You can select a style, type and color of backing (crochet, leather, waffle), and over forty leather colors. Go to the web site to see the color palette.

Every time I order from this UK company, I am in touch with the same wonderful rep (Tim), and I seldom feel so catered-to in my helter-skelter life. I'm made to feel I'm the one of perhaps a few elite customers, despite the fact that I'm likely one of thousands. Signature Gloves is one of the premier glove manufacturers in Europe and the U.S. They have a presence at Rolex -- that's where I first saw them -- and the glove display was a mouthwatering selection of dress, riding, driving, and shooting gloves. I purchased a lovely pair of floral dress gloves for my mom there several years ago. She still tells me how much she loves them...


  1. Wow! These are beautiful! I love the idea of customizing gloves.

  2. Do you order them right from the company?


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