Sunday, December 23, 2012

Uniquorn clothing line: For the post-lottery splurge

Here is the Uniquorn Montrose breech--at $555 euros or $730, it's not likely to be the breech you'd use for schooling and mucking and turnout. But aren't they lovely? The seat is suede, and there is leather piping. I love the button detail.

Do these make my butt look like $730?
Oh, and they sell boots (at a similar price). Have you ever woken up from sleep wishing you owned a pair of mustard colored boots? Well. Me neither. But they come in different colors, and you can always admire the craftsmanship. To see all of these extravagantly love items, go to


  1. I agree on the mustard yellow boots - but I LOVE those boots featured with the breeches - drool! Yeah, I need to win the lottery!

  2. love it! I love the breeches I bet that they are so cute and comfy to ride in!

  3. Those boots in the photo of the breeches... I love them! The mustard isn't so my style, but the first boots are.

    The breeches remind me a bit of what Johnny Depp would wear in some Tim Burton movie...

  4. Beautiful....I know something going into my 13 wish items for 2013 post! Thanks!

  5. To be honest, I thought the issues of Dressage Today that devoted pages to "the new look" of dressage (Haute Couture) were a waste of space and I've seen some of the non-traditional colors for shadbelly and regular dressage coats and am distinctly NOT impressed with anything other than the gray (I have a gray Ovation helmet, matter of fact).

    That said, I would LOVE to have a pair of custom tall boots in BROWN--a rich dark brown, maybe "cinnamon" color. That would be the epitome of "cool" in my book ;o) However, my Ariat Victorias will have to suffice (they are distinctly NOT brown and will require NO break-in time ;o) But they look nice. At this point, I'm still looking for a suitable saddle.

    Merry Christmas, and winning Lottos to all!!

  6. Except for the fact that they are skin tight, the breeches are very old fashioned looking.


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