Wednesday, January 23, 2013

A new take on "pony jumpers"

It's in the single digits this morning in NE PA, and I made the fastest trip ever to the barn last night. When global warming lets you down, there's nothing like chubby pony pictures to lift your spirits. What could be more appropriate than showing these pony jumpers (item of apparel as opposed to... you know). The little Fair Isle sweaters are featured in this Mail Online article. You might have already guessed, I would love something like this for Riley. I picture Harv more in a smoking jacket ...


  1. Ha ha, pony jumpers. Of course. Did not even remotely see this one coming. Too cute!

  2. Cute as a bug...or two bugs. According to the article, they did get quite muddy, however.

    Riley would look adorable in one.


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