Saturday, January 19, 2013

Jes Maharry: New and notable

I love the jewelry of Jes Maharry -- and she recently posted this new design of Facebook.  Her stuff is undeniably high-end, and while I wish there was some sort of costume jewelry knockoff her whimsical hand would be hard to duplicate, and I think there is nothing like "the real thing" when it comes to precious metals and jewels. Most of her jewelry is not horse-oriented, but her horse depictions are so lovely and spirited -- when I win the lottery, I'll be sporting her stuff...


  1. I like the picture of the bracelet you posted, but I don't think much of her website. Too "fussy" and hard to navigate with the cursor making the page move here and there. I also had to open it in Chrome because I needed a "special program" to open it in AOL. I know creativity is the key to standing out when you're not "the only game in town," but this didn't float my boat at all.

  2. It is a lovely bracelet, but I agree with TBDancer. The website is too fussy to linger over. I did spy a darling charm bracelet before I gave up!


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