Wednesday, January 2, 2013

New Year's Resolutions

So I'm running behind in putting together my New Year's Resolutions. Here are the ones that are on the table so far....
  1. Achieve a score of 60% at First Level,  by the end of the year.
  2. Keep Harvey fat and happy and have a big 27th birthday bash.
  3. Submit to my husband and be a Godly and Obedient wife.

This last one was Bob's suggestion ;-).


  1. Wow. I know what resolution is going to fail first. :)

    Happy New Year! Thanks for all your hard work blogging!

  2. I'm guessing we'll be seeing the video of numbers one and two. Probably not three?

  3. A happy 2013 to you, Bob, and "the boys." I am looking forward to a healthier 2013 for my "boy"--a year ago we were involved with an impaction colic followed by seven months (I'm extra cautious) of treatment with Tildren for a lameness we have been dealing with for a decade or more but which finally required "the big guns." My Saddle Fund had been depleted two years before with various vehicle and horse trailer issues, so having ZERO balance yet again got to be really old.

    Anyway, Harv looks wonderful and he'll enjoy his party! And your 60% in first goal will be a piece of cake !!!


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