Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Riley, the Hannibal Lecter of textiles

Monday January 7, 2013 
After being sick for four days (recall I'm getting over a bout with the flu), I head out after work to see my horses.  That morning I had thrown on a scarf I'd gotten at Dressage at Devon that September. My first time wearing it, always a special day, it was paired with a butter colored turtleneck. I thought the pairing looked smashing.

Scarfing up a scarf
Unfortunately, Riley thought it looked delicious.

I had left my coat jacket open, as it was a nice day. I got out of my car, ran to Riley's dutch door, and hugged him hard. I was scratching his neck and noticing now long his mane was getting, when I felt a heavy weight pulling against the back of my neck. I looked down to find my 60" scarf about half-way consumed by my chestnut Hanoverian Hoover.

I had taken this photo after getting my scarf at Devon. I wanted to blog my wonderful find -- two cashmere scarves for $25 (one was for Bob)! I can still wear it, but there is a new color -- that familiar green slimy smear all horse people know!


  1. Ooooh, I LOVE that scarf! If you decide you can't bear to wear it any more, I know where you can send it... :-)

    And yes, two cashmere scarves for 25 bucks is a steal.

  2. Ah, so now it is a custom scarf by an exclusive designer!

  3. 'T'was a very pretty scarf.

    Has Riley been talking to Chance? If so, just watch your jacket. Chance loves to rip sleeves off untended outerwear.

  4. Well obviously he knows a good knit when he sees one!


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