Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Horse shopping: If only this video weren't true

Outfoxed Farm does it again with a very funny video on horse shopping. Starts of a smidgen slow so hang in there and wait for the payoff. 

The segment that rings most true to me is the "buyer telling their life story." When I sold my green, 5-year old, 17.2 dressage horse (Simon) years ago, I would get paragraphs-long email messages describing the type of horse that is needed, usually in a very unrealistic price range. I received one looong email from a horse show mom whose daughter was ready to move up to 3'6" and needed an equitation/hunter. My Simon had never so much popped a cross-rail, but this lady could not be convinced that Simon could not be doing the circuit in the upcoming season. The only thing that matched between her needs and the training/skills/aptitude was price. Getting ready to sell a horse? Get yourself mentally prepared, it is a study in human nature...


  1. Stacey--after reading this post and the Harvey one, I'm interested in your horse-owning past. Was Harvey your first horse? Who was Simon? I'm curious!

  2. Sadly, so close to the truth it hurts....

  3. Funny stuff. Thanks for sharing this one. I need a laugh.

  4. The "life story" aspect gets my goat too. One of my friends cannot help but tell her entire life story in all her ads when she was trying to sell a horse that was too much for her. Then, she'd publish the ad and ask me what I thought ... in that order. Uhhhhhh ...

    I'd always tell her to look at sale ads for nice horses from reputable barns. They all had the basic details, maybe a little about rider level requirement, and really good pictures or UNCUT videos of the horse ACTUALLY DOING WHAT THEY SAID IT DID (gasp). I wouldn't even go look at a horse if there were no good pictures of it.


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