Wednesday, February 20, 2013

"I don't lunge every day..."

"I don't lunge Riley every day -- but when I do, it's exciting."

Ouch. The no-turnout Riley is a different kind of horse to lunge. As I said on Facebook, he was cantering pretty nicely, and suddenly bolted, cutting across the circle bucking and farting. There I was, holding a slack line, and looking at the powerhouse of a horse careening away. I felt like Wile E. Coyote holding the rope attached to the anvil that was just tipped over the edge of a cliff.

Jolt! Zing! Boingg......

I did hold on through quite a jolt, and Riley cam back pretty readily, but despite my wearing thick gloves and a helmet, I managed to bugger up my ring finger. I rode Riley the next day with a claw for a left hand, and while Riley was okay it hurt. I lunged him the next few days, and his behavior was marginal until I finally just had a little tantrum of my own. It's amazing how quickly this horse backs down -- my own fault for not setting a tone sooner.

But how fortuitous is it that Redmond Equine sent me their First Aid for Horses bentonite clay at the height of the bruising and swelling?  I don't know much about it but I tried it tonight. At the moment it feels cool and soothing.  Stay tuned for an update on how I like the product -- and a  giveaway.


  1. In your favor, it's hard to know when to blow up at a horse. The reason you didn't sooner is that usually it's counterproductive and you know that. Once in a while though it works wonders.

  2. Ah, the perils of no turnout. Then again, my Boys get out every day and once in a while my Tucker bolts off on the lunge. I aspire to the "save yourself" philosophy, so more than once I've just let him go. Terror abounded as he ran off dragging the lunge line behind. (Can't do it, of course, if there are other people in the arena.) This is one of those times that "stand your ground" can be really painful.

    Hope your bruise heals up quickly. It certainly does not make for comfortable riding--or is it time to learn to ride "advanced" style--with one hand?

  3. Another lifesaver for me (I bruise easily, always have) is arnica montana gel; get it at the health food store. It brings the bruise to the surface and dispels it rather quickly. You can also take tablets, but I prefer the gel and a little goes a long way. That does look sore, however, and aren't you glad you either weren't wearing a ring or got it off before the bruising and swelling made things worse??

  4. Ouch. That looks quite painful. I second the suggestion of arnica montana--it's great stuff.

    I have to say, though, that I really don't blame Riley. He's a young horse and needs time/space to get the kinks out. I *personally* would never put a horse on no turn-out/stall-rest unless it had a broken bone. I'm not trying to be judge-y or seem superior--just bluntly honest.

    Hope your hand heals up soon!

  5. sorrry to hear that you got hope it's nothing to serious :)

  6. Hi Frizzle, I know what you're saying. No offense taken ;-)


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