Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Simon: Lo, the mighty hunter!

The owner shared this photo with me years ago.
I love the photo on the right.  Simon looks gorgeous -- look at that filled out hiney! He looks so mature and in good condition.

While his owner still rides him, I wonder if he might also be used in lessons or in a leasing program too.  Below is a photo taken at a clinic. The young rider seems to be doing a nice job.

How fortunate I have been with my horses. Ri and Harv are just plain wonderful, and Simon is a lovely horse that has found a great situation.  His owner adores him and she knows and plays to his strengths.
This photo was on the barn's Facebook page


  1. And BEST of all, ALL your horses have groceries and a job to do, and that makes them very happy.

  2. Simon is quite a hunk. Seems as if he is giving a lot of people a chance to ride a really good horse.


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