Friday, March 1, 2013

Kauto Star

Considered by many in the UK to be the greatest steeplechaser of all time, Kauto Star retired recently at the age of 12 or 13 (he was born in 2000). Well, now he is making the news for starting a new career in dressage. What a delightful video! And doesn't he look lovely and SOUND!

The other fun thing about the footage is what a wonderful life this horse has -- look at that footing, that care, that stall! He's earned it. It's hoped that he'll highlight the versatility of the thoroughbred.


  1. There was a lovely interview with his new rider eventer Laura Collett a couple of weeks ago in Horse and Hound - he has daily turnout, goes hacking, has stopped box walking (which he used to do on the racing yard) and generally seems to be a happy horse. It's clear that he's the kind of horse that needs a job to do and something to think about and would go bonkers if retired at a relatively young age.

  2. Aw, what a great story! And the dressage work should keep him sounder, fitter, and in better health as he grows older. The best part is hearing and seeing that he looks happy!!

  3. Stacey, This was a great story, and when i viewed this video there was a lovely video of Blue Matinee doing rap dressage. It is a striking juxtaposition of modern culture and old world charm well done by a nice riding pair. Check it out.


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