Sunday, March 24, 2013

Kitty conquest

Warning: My next post will have a photo of what CTCL looks like -- it's not yucky or too "revealing," and it is a whole lot better than the photos of CTCL that you'll see on the Internet -- but it is a dermatological shot. Still, because I dislike seeing unexpected "graphic" photos on FB, I want to be considerate. On Monday, you may want to opt out of the photo (just turn image view off). 

BTW this is not the "manta ray" position
 Newman and Bob didn't always get along. Recall that there was inter-kitty-conflict when we first introduced Newman to Red Kitka. Looking back, Newman was a bit of a bully. I can't blame Bob for being protective of Red Kitka, who is a lot smaller and not-at-all agressive. Bob regretted that we got a second cat for a long time, and he even hinted at taking Newman back to the shelter. Stressful for all concerned! It took a while to work out, but it did work out. Newman prevailed over Red Kitka, sure, but he also won over Bob.

Newman achieves lap time
The picture to the right is one I took of Bob right after he and Newman started to bond. Newman was relentless in his insistence that he sit on Bob's lap. Cats on the leather chair had been forbidden since Bob and I have been together. Bob was annoyed at first but then charmed by Newman's "flat cat" defensive position -- part manta ray, part tentacle. You couldn't budge him or  shoo him away. And as you can see, Newman succeeded. He even looks like a cat who has made a conquest.


  1. It's amazing how immovable a cat can become when it flattens out. My gray boy also becomes really still--not stiff, but just flatcat immobility. There just doesn't seem to be any place to get a good grip on him to pick him up.

    Three cheers for Newman's victory, however. He deserved a good home.

  2. I love this picture. It is funny how cats zero in on the person they need to win over. There is nothing like a warm kitty on your lap!!

  3. You call your cat "Kitka" I see. Kitka mean "cat" in Old Ukrainian. Are your people (ancestors) from Western Ukraine by any chance?


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