Friday, April 5, 2013

Dressage pads from Equine Organix

I love these vintage print dressage pads that I found on At around $60 they look like a good value, and I like the way the pads have slits for the girth. Me? I like the tan background, but I really can't justify ANOTHER saddle pad right now. Maybe. Someday. Soon!


  1. Very pretty! But remember, you're going to the greatest equine shopping extravaganza in existence - from what I understand - in the VERY near future, so you'd better save your pennies! :-)

    I myself will have a strict less-than-three figures budget for Rolex shopping, but you can bet I'm going to check out/sit in/try on lots of goodies just for fun.

  2. Actually, those are less pricey than the handmade ones at Ambleside design, which run like $130! The Equine Organix are AWESOME. Will totally be getting one as soon as I....start working again.

  3. I'm happy to send them business, but leave me a tan one!


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