Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Ri update: Some limited turnout and a happy boy

Ri is in his new digs, but he has not been turned out since around Oct. 2012. I remember posting this news and getting some feedback show concern -- which I understand, and appreciate, but at the time, it was the right thing to do. Ri's feet have improved dramatically as far as the quality of the hoof wall and length of foot he can grow. Oh, and the toe hole is gone. That said, we had a long run of warm, dry days and the pastures were looking great. I was getting tired of riding EVERY SINGLE DAY (a problem many people would love to have, I know) to keep him exercised. So, we gradually introduced turnout. I think it has given him a psychological lift and in these conditions it is not hurting his feet. I'm not sure he'll ever be on regular turnout, but when we can, we will...


  1. I'd wager Ri is one happy boy! Hope the ground conditions allow him some more regular turnout now. This winter was dreadful for feet.

  2. Riding every day? Wow. That's devotion. Glad Ri can enjoy some turnout and you some down time.

    Psst: how do you keep those bell boots on? Oscar ditches his with amazing speed!

  3. Anything that is a "change of routine" is good--trail rides or just hacking around the farm (and not executing a single 20m circle or doing much of anything "connected" or "on contact") is as much a change as turnout. But turnout is great because there's FOOD. Good for Ri--and congratulations to you for riding daily. Love his turnout, btw. I like that style for my guy, too. Everything stays clipped and buckled and nothing shifts.

  4. Oh my goodness, Stacey! His face has grown up! He has "big boy" face. :)


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