Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Spotlight on the Hanoverian Elite Auction foals

What a tantalizing tidbit this little Hanoverian foal, shown here as part of the Elite-Auktion Hannoveraner Reitpferde und Fohlen. Named Spotlight, he is by Sandro Hit out of a Dimaggio mare. Look at the way he stretches up through the wither, and that cadence! He'll be a real dancer.

And of course, how can I resist a knee-high-socked chestnut named Bob?
He may not grow up as elegant as Spotlight but he has a roundness to his frame I love.


  1. I LOVE babies and these two are especially great ;o) Thanks for sharing this.

  2. Bob looks like he's going to have a blast of a personality. Maybe a much choppier stride and shorter neck, but he's still got a lot of "snap" in that leg movement!


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