Sunday, April 14, 2013

Travel plans: By the sea by the sea by the beautiful sea

Bob and I are hearing interesting things about cutaneous T-cell lymphoma, symptom relief, and the restorative powers of salt water. I guess this is as good a reason as any for a road trip ;-). So we are tentatively planning to travel to St. Augustines FL this year, probably early fall. A friend of mine posted some great shots of St. Augustine recently, and my sister has travelled there, so it has been on my bucket list -- one of the more doable bucket list items. I think they even have rent-a-ponies for beach rides.

Photo by Elizabeth Brice, near St. Augustine


  1. I live about an hour and a half wast of St's a gorgeous place. And they do have a stable there that rents for beach has a slightly meh reputation, but St Augustine is one of the only beaches in Florida on which you can ride horses, so it's definitely worth looking in to!

  2. Definitely looks worth a trip.

    The Jersey shore is not that far away for the summer. Might be worth a weekend trip or two. The Sandy recovery is going well, yet may have impacted the potential tourist trade. Might be some good deals on places to stay.

    Of course, Florida in the fall...yummy.

  3. North Carolina has some great beaches too. Starting at the north end just below Norfolk, Va --- all the way to Wilmington. Bogue Banks area (Atlantic Beach / Salter Path/ Indian Beach / Emerald Isle) has plenty of great beaches, variety of housing options, great food and the NC Aquarium. Atlantic Beach is just across the ICW from Morehead, NC.

    M in NC
    (heading to Emerald Isle in 2 weeks!)

  4. I've spent a lot of time in St.Augustine (I grew up about an hour south of there). It's a really charming place with lots to do and see. There are some really nice places to eat around there too, one that comes to mind is called Manatee Cafe (I think) really good healthy food!

  5. St. Augustine is where I will always call home even though I don't currently live there (grew up there). They have lovely beaches, a great downtown, and lots of wonderful restaurants.


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