Thursday, May 16, 2013

New jargon for dressage riders...

Congratulations, Absorbine Trypack winners Jonah Mackenzie, KK, Alicia W., JS! Thanks all for the great suggestions, keep playing!

Post-pro afterglow: "As it turns out I'm an AWESOME rider!"  
So with all of the creative horse terms and phrases that thirty-eight of you submitted for the Trypack Giveaway, I'm inspired to create some of my own horse phrases. Here is some neo-jargon that I am currently experiencing first-hand...

Post-pro afterglow: The  spectacular rides you have after your trainer has tuned up your horse, or after a month of full training.

Full training fizzle: "What just happened?"
Full-training fizzle: The attenuation of post-pro afterglow over the course of three to five rides. Or, the time it takes until your horse realizes you're back in the saddle.


  1. My Tucker could go into the "fizzle" as soon as I got into the saddle after my trainer got off. He's a quick study. *G*

    1. Jean - Your Tucker is a sneaky fella ain't he? I just love it!!!!

      Here's one: "The Backwoods Prix." A friend of mine is looking for the best of both worlds. She wants the perfect piaffe and the "laid back" old western ranch horse ... all in one. It never quite works out for her. She takes her high-strung, super-talented horses on the trail (I assume she thinks a western saddle immediately changes the temperament) and, upon sighting of anything in nature ... a tree, a rock, a squirrel, a blade of grass out of place ... she gets her "perfect piaffe" and maybe even a levade or two. But, nothing akin to a laid-back ranch horse.

  2. I've got one of those, too, though he does try to hold it together since he knows who manages the goody bucket on a daily basis.

  3. Lol, funny because it's true...also painful because it's true! I hear you. I just embrace my amateur status, accept it, and aim to lengthen the "glo" period between tune-ups.


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