Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Show Jumping Rolex 2

Check out the last 45 seconds or so of Gin and Juice in the Rolex Show Jumping. She has a little Zenyatta thing going on about 30 seconds after the last fence, at around 3 minutes. I tried to link to the specific point in the video but that feature does not seem to be working. Fun to watch her ride anyway!

Here are more pix from show jumping...

Daily Edition, thoroughbred, and Kendal Lehari

Kilrodan Abbott and Peter Barry

Kristi Nunnick and R-Star (this mare can really jump)

Catch a Star and Caitlin Silliman

Deputy and Jonelle Richards

 Ballylaffin Bracken and Kristin Schmolze
(award for most beautiful pair -- stunning woman, stunning horse, awesome jacket)

Rockfield Grant Juan and Shandiss McDonald


  1. Lovely pictures and what a fancy trot on that mare.

    I like the jacket too!

  2. It's funny because the showjumping phase looks so relatively "normal" but the XC is so.... well, I need a change of shorts after some of those jumps, because they are just too scary :)

    Go thoroughbreds, Woo!

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