Thursday, May 30, 2013

Symbolic horse love: Turkmenian President rides in a horse race

"The Turkmenian president himself had the courage (as opposed to any other head of state who tend to only greet from the safety of their armored limousines) to ride in a symbolic race during the celebrations of the week of the horse."  

I'm impressed -- and not just with the great hats -- but for the show of love and support by the Prez himself! Kudos to the guy who got out from behind his desk to run in a race that supports the horse industry in Turkmenistan.

The prize money of $11 Million was given to Turkmen Atlary, the state department for horses for the support of the Akhal Teke Horse breeding and equine sports in Turkmenistan.


  1. I do so share your love for the Akhal Teke. I just wish they had a fuller tail like a warm blood.

  2. Wow! Super race!! I'm an experienced horse rider and like to add. You should learn to properly groom the horse. This is important both in "bonding" with a horse, if you are fortunate enough to ride the same one regularly, and also gives you a chance to look the horse over for problems or injuries before and after a ride. thanks!~Samantha W.

  3. Gee, they let the president win the race, then the prize money goes to the government? Who put up the purse money in the first place?
    I'm have no problem in principle with government support of such a fabulous breed in it's native land. But I'm skeptical about how this all played out. Especially in a country known for it's corruption.


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