Friday, June 21, 2013

A certain kind of photo...

There is a "universal photo" that horse owners recognize instantly. Like this one...

Do you recognize it?

  • Enlarged head distortion
  • Grazing environment
  • Mouthful of grass
That is, the photo that you take when no one is around to hold your horse. 


  1. My photos are what I call "unintentional art." I get one side of the horse's face and an eye as the horse rushes to nuzzle me and I simply want one, stupid shot of the whole animal!!! :D

    Plus, I usually only have my cell on me, and from the time I press the shutter button to the time it actually snaps the photo is nearly an hour. I swear!

  2. Ah, I have lots of pictures like that, along with the close up "nose shots," where all I get is horseface in the lens.

  3. I teach my horses to ground tie mostly so I can get photos of them that AREN'T like this when I'm by myself. Haha.


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