Thursday, June 6, 2013

Cassiopeia -- all heart!

I've got Riley from High Point Hanoverians in Chestertown MD. I'm no expert but I have seen a lot of babies at breed shows and farms since 2005 -- got caught up in the breeding world, reading and learning as much as I could for someone who will never breed a horse. I always felt that the HP breeding program produced exceptionally beautiful and rideable horses -- not that I'm biased ;-). If you look at their stallions, all have high scores for conformation and rideability, and the babies just seem to have an "elegant type" that comes across consistently.  I always check out their site this time of year -- found ah filly by Coeur D'Amour/Mon Dieu/Rohdiamant is a looker, and given the siere's name you've gotta love that big heart-star.

Have to share!


  1. Do you happen to know how old she is? I am more wowed by her movement and overall coordination than I have been with any other videos of babies I've seen at that same stage of all-legs. I have no idea what kind of babies the "experts" go for, but she completely wowed me for what I look at in babies! I spent a couple years looking at videos, photos, ads, etc., before buying my filly last year - so I've probably seen hundreds of various videos!

  2. Imagine my surprise when I saw your post, I grew up in Chestertown! I've always admired this farm when I drove by it but never got the chance to look closely at the horses they raise there. That little filly is beautiful.

  3. Isn't that interesting... before I looked to see what foal it was you were showing in the video, I clicked over to the High Point website and had a look around. Guess which foal was my favorite?? :-) Her facial marking certainly caught my eye, but I liked the way she moved the best. Interesting that she is not the highest-price foal. The one that is (IMHO) has a more Totilas-like front end, which I guess is highly desirable these days.

    What is Ri's breeding again, now that I am familiar with the farm's bloodlines?

  4. What a gorgeous filly. Ellegant and grace all rolled into one. She will be one ot watch.


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