Monday, June 10, 2013

June 2013 Riley footage...

So, you no longer have to wonder what rein creep or posture issues I mentioned in the last post. I didn't get much ride time in this winter, so that's my excuse. Ri looks pretty good here, I think, all things considered.



  1. Riley is looking good. His trot is nice and forward. He will balance up more into the bridle as the both of you get into better shape. But I like his frame and he looks very round.

    You look to be riding a bit behind the motion on your efforts to sit up straight. Instead of being over your leg, you are behind it.

  2. Hi Jean, Yep! I'm working on this specifically -- through the miracle of videos, I'm finding what feels to me like a forward seat/hunter seat/leaning over the neck is actually upright and over my leg. Amazing how your body lies to you.

  3. Gosh darn ... that video made me feel happy ... so much so that I forgot to look for any errors. It's just so nice to see another video of you and Riley enjoying what you do that I simply see the sunny side of things. The music was a perfect touch, too. I agree with Jean in that Riley's trot is really forward and fluid. No more of that young horse head bob thing, and he looks really, really sound and happy! :)

  4. Add my vote here, too. Riley and you make a lovely pair and as you say, wet saddle pads will make many improvements for Ri and for you. I have a new saddle that is great fun--and helps me sit where I belong AND upright, too. Had a lesson the other day and didn't hear "sit up" ONCE! Keep up the good work--First Level this year, correct? Should be a piece of cake!!


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