Friday, June 28, 2013

Ooooh, I want you all to see this video!

"Jane Lavington teaches Clydesdale dressage horse Boston the big trot" from


  1. It's funny. When I trained my Friesian s.h. nuances on the longe, I caught myself saying "BIG trot" and "liiiittle trot" by accident (extended vs collected). Eventually, it caught on because those buggers pick up on the strange things we do. I wonder if I can teach him "ELEVATED trot" just by looking at him, saying it louder and making arm gestures. Ha!

    This lady has that big Clyde looking terrific!!! She can come ride my ponies and put me to shame any day!!

  2. Squeeee! I think that Clyde is GORGEOUS and what fun he must be to ride! I used to ride a Percheron in my lessons and was always amazed at her movement. Great, big, floaty trot, nice round canter, and she loved to jump... Very, very fun.


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