Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Rambo flymask for great eye protection

This is my favorite flymask for my horses the Rambo Plus Flymask, which I got from so that I could exchange it without paying shipping if needed. This is a HORSE Size and it is generously proportioned for 17.1H Riley. The black band has something in it (not wire) that makes the mask stand away from the eyes. Both my horses have had mild eye injuries from fly masks, so this one is my choice...


  1. I have the same one! I just posted a far less attractive picture of Lex wearing it:

    I think she looks like a bee keeper.

  2. Without seeing it in person, I'd venture to guess that the thing holding it away from the eyes is a piece of plastic boning; it's commonly used in dress-making to help the bodice of the dress take and keep a particular shape. Very cool mask!!!


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