Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Harv and the hospital, II

If you read Harv in the hospital Part 1 you know the main part of the story, and you saw the photo of Harv at NCSU vet school. This is an addendum about the photo from the first blog. The photo of Harv to the right is a photoshopped version of this photo. This picture was taken right after Harv got off the trailer when he went to NCSU for surgery While I document and photo my horses to within an inch of their lives, photos were the last thing on my mind that day.

I got it from NCSU.

NCSU was taking photos for a vet school brochure that day, and they were happy to have an equine specimen that was healthy and photogenic. The handler was one of the vet staff, and she was exactly the kind of person you want taking your horse when you arrive at an equine hospital. Friendly, competent, ooh-ing and ahh-ing over your horse. And Harv was especially lovely,  clean as a whistle with a pulled mane. I gussied him up like we were going to Devon rather than a hospital. I wanted everyone involved in his surgery to know Harv is a cared-about horse--and possibly an expensive one ;-).

Harv looks pleased to have arrived, and ready for his closeup.

I just love this photo.

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